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September 2020

THANK YOU for your prayers, your investment, and your heart to save lives. Every day we get up and face these uncertain times and open our doors and our hearts to the Fathers plan for each one who walks through them. Our assignment and our days are filled with heartache as well as praises as we together walk by faith.

“Melissa,” who is 16, came with her 17-year-old boyfriend “Joe”. Melissa was beside herself when she found out she was pregnant and took one of her friends left over abortion pills.Tragically, when the nurse did the ultrasound,it revealed she was having a miscarriage. Melissa and Joe wept over their decision, the life lost, and the profound consequences of their rash decision. It was too late to reverse her decision, but not too late to become a part of the story…to share in their grief and sorrow, to offer the hope that can only be found in Jesus.

“Angela” called from an abortion clinic. She had made an appointment but they did not have her in their system and were too busy to take her as a walk in. Devastated she could not have her abortion she desperately googled “abortion” and calledCHOICES. The best way to describe the outcome is to share her Exit Survey comments:
“This appointment was nothing like I expected. I was absolutely blown away by the level of compassion and concern these women expressed towards me. I have never felt more comfortable and welcomed by complete strangers with something so personal. I would recommend this clinic to any woman who is or could be pregnant to weigh out their options and gain knowledge. I sincerely want to thank these amazing women.”
Angela has chosen LIFE for her pre-born baby and life for herself as she courageously walks out her decision!

Thank you for opening our doors to every assignment like Melissa, Joe and Angela and offering hope and redemption to every single person the Lord sends our way! Your gift has helped us reach 133 new patients this month and 75% who have chosen LIFE!

Please join us for our VIRTUAL BENEFIT October 8th. You don’t want to miss this 30-minute online event to celebrate the hundreds of lives YOU have saved. Join us by REGISTERING at today!



Virtual Benefit • October 8th

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7:30 pm to 8:00 pm

August 2020

giftThank you for your special gift to see 76% who walk through the doors at CHOICES choose LIFE. That’s a big deal…a really big deal! Your partnership as a champion is restoring, redeeming, and impacting a woman, a man, and a family you may never meet.

A few weeks ago, “Rachel” and her mom “Susan” stopped by to see us. It just so happened to be on a day when the medical staff she had seen seven months ago was here by no accident even though they are part-time. Upon first coming to our clinic, Rachel was doubtful she would have her baby and was feeling very alone and scared. During the ultrasound she commenting that she couldn’t believe there was a heart already beating. Before leaving, she said she was probably going to have an abortion.

However, Rachel returned a few weeks later to our clinic…still pregnant. During the second ultrasound, she was shocked at how much the baby had grown. She mentioned she might consider keeping the baby but was afraid to tell her Christian parents and was concerned about their reaction. In the months that followed, we were unable to reach Rachel.

cute-babyThat is…until a few weeks ago. She and her mom, Susan came from out of town to show us her perfect, beautiful, baby girl, born two months ago. Her Mom handed us a card and bouquet of flowers sharing that she was forever grateful for the support and acceptance we had shown her daughter. They both shared how this little girl is the greatest gift to their family. This perfect love had been her best choice!

Rachel and Susan have come back since to tell their story on video. We have captured it to share with you as a beautiful reminder of the impact you make in saving lives! Please join us for our VIRTUAL BENEFIT on October 8th to hear more life- changing stories as we celebrate LIFE! While we can’t meet in person, the need is great and we want to give everyone an opportunity to RISE UP. Share with your friends and family and register today at NOW IS THE TIME with exciting days and promises ahead!



Virtual Benefit • October 8th

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UCF: Ground Breaking

Shovels were put in the ground
August 19th…HERE WE GO!

July 2020

During this COVID crisis there are lots of needs and lots of places to give. Thank you for choosing CHOICES so many can literally have a choice. Each day we see moms and dads with an unexpected pregnancy considering abortion and remind ourselves that His Word never ever returns void. We don’t always know the immediate and future outcome of a decision and a life changed, but we trust in every heart cry, every prayer and every seed sown.

Our prayer board in our special Intercessors Room is filled weekly with names and scenarios that are real for those considering abortion. Answered prayer is sometimes seen immediately in a changed mind, a choice for life, or salvation in Christ. And sometimes it is not. Sometimes we don’t know until a mom walks in with her baby to say, “thank you so much”.

“Brittany” was a patient 1 year ago and her pregnancy test was negative. She seemed hard to communicate with, not particularly open in the beginning, with a lot of hardships. The volunteer advocate shared Jesus with her and that day she bowed her head, asked for forgiveness for her sins, and prayed to receive Christ as her Lord and Savior. She left here with a different countenance and a Bible in her hand.

A few weeks ago, Brittany came in with her boyfriend. Would you believe it if I told you she just happened to show up on the one day the same advocate was here to serve as a volunteer she had seen a year ago? No coincidences happen here at CHOICES! Brittany took the opportunity to hug and thank our volunteer for having led her to the Lord. She said people in her family had been sharing with her for years but there was something about the way Kim shared the truth with her that got her attention that day.

Since that time, she has been reading the Bible and growing in Christ. She and her boyfriend are now expecting a baby, planning a wedding and looking for a church home. The beauty of a life being transformed and your gift at work with answered prayer.

May we never grow weary in well doing as we walk in faith to see His purposes unfold here as in heaven. As you can see, we have many prayers to offer up on our prayer board. Thank YOU for your partnership in sowing and reaping as we push back the darkness and speak life!



Demolition took place June 10th

STAY TUNED for Ground Breaking soon!


Virtual Benefit • October 8th

Exciting Details to Come

June 2020

As we grapple with humanity like never before during these uncertain times, we choose to be faith-filled. June has been a record month for CHOICES to offer the hope of Jesus and see the power of the cross. Changed hearts and babies saved through the details of people’s lives don’t go unmissed by the Father. The power of YOUR support is saving lives!

“Ariana” lives nearly 2 hours from Orlando. A single mom with a 10-year-old, no family in the country, a recent break up with her boyfriend, and feeling alone Ariana knew she needed to have an abortion. She googled abortion clinics and found Orlando Women’s Center (a late-term clinic 3 miles from CHOICES). When she got to the abortion clinic, she met some volunteers who faithfully spoke truth to her. Ariana responded by taking their referral to come to CHOICES but made it known when she arrived that she would be returning to the abortion clinic for her appointment in 2 hours to have her abortion.

She had recently enrolled in a trade school where she became good friends with another student. “Catherine” had recently become a Christian and had been sharing with Ariana about her newfound faith. When our advocate began to share Jesus with her and about her decision years ago to choose life, Ariana began to cry. She shared that this was exactly what her friend had shared with her; that she could believe the love of God and He would take care of her and her baby. After the ultrasound and prayer, she chose LIFE! Ariana said, “I have felt so much peace here. I am so thankful I came here.”

On her way out of town, she even stopped back by the abortion clinic to share pictures of her ultrasound. We have connected her to a faith community in her area and other resources for follow up. We trust the seeds that you have planted will continue to flourish. We trust His good work to continue to be in the details of Ariana’s life.

Thank YOU for your faithfulness in giving for such a time as this! Thanks for being in the details of Ariana’s life and the other 174 patients who walked through our doors considering abortion this month. In this world, we will have trials but we take heart every day for He has overcome the world. Together we are participants in His Kingdom work in saving lives!



Demolition took place June 10th

STAY TUNED for Ground Breaking soon!


Benefit Dinner • October 8th

Join us as a Table Host at our pre-events August 26 & 27

May 2020

YOU are saving and changing lives with CHOICES. The month of May has been even busier due to some restrictions lifted by our governor as we continued to practice as an “essential” business. You might be wondering what has it been like to be open during our quarantine.

To give you a glimpse, let me share the scope of our ministry this month from age 14 to age 49 (and everything in between). Both tested positive. Both came here wanting an abortion and believing we would help them with a termination. And both experienced the life changing love of Jesus.

The 14-year-old patient came in with her mom. Her mom said that hands down her daughter was going to have an abortion and she did not want her to “ruin her life”. Due to complications with the father of the baby being deported due to legal age issues, she felt there was no other way around their situation. Through loving staff and the beauty of the ultrasound of a 9-week-old baby, the mother began to cry. At that moment she said, “We are going to have this baby”. At that moment the daughters face lit up and she was relieved. They could not thank us enough on their way out the door.

The 49-year-old patient came in alone determined if she were pregnant, abortion was her only option. Grown children, and COVID financial concerns were the reality driving her decision. Even after an early ultrasound she was sure about her decision. The amazing staff scheduled an appointment for her to return for her STD test results the following week. When she arrived for her results, the medical staff convinced her to have another ultrasound to check viability. Sadly, the ultrasound showed a potential miscarriage in process. The patient cried and thanked the staff so much for not judging her and being so supportive.

I have no doubt that each one of these, and the 100+ patients we saw in between were touched by the love of Jesus demonstrated by loving volunteers and your support and prayers. The Lord working in mysterious ways is a truth we live out every single day here at CHOICES. We don’t know how He will use us to save and transform lives but we know He does use us to redeem and restore as we are powerless without Him.

Often our work is trusting that today we see in part but someday we will see in full the fullness of the Gospel being shared in word and deed! Your faithfulness as a Kingdom investor will return eternal rewards. Enjoy the beauty of reaching 135 abortion determined women, 46 saved babies so far, 3 who prayed to receive Christ in May and the stories yet to be told! Thank you for investing in us and with us!

Until there are 0…



Demolition will take place soon…STAND BY! Pray for our Board as we make BIG decisions.


2nd raised $219,701. THANK YOU!

April 2020

We have made it through another month quarantined and another month of being OPEN and seeing how the Lord chooses to use us day by day. ALL of us means YOU, because we could not be here without your generous partnership that allows us to say YES Lord!

The second week of mandated orders for COVID-19 brought “Jessica” and her boyfriend “Jeff” to our clinic. Like many, they believed abortion was their best choice and we would help. She and her boyfriend were in a new relationship and in no way felt prepared to have a baby. Due to the pandemic, Jeff had lost his job and they were wondering how they could make it.

Like many who enter our doors, Jessica was only 4 and a half weeks pregnant and it was too early to see anything on an ultrasound. Due to our loving volunteers and medical staff, Jessica and Jeff felt respected, cared for and not judged. That day they made another appointment to come back in two weeks for an ultrasound. And we went to work…praying!

During that time, they could have had the abortion. The Holy Spirit was working and I know that providing them with a professional, medical model empowers them to make healthy choices. Jessica and Jeff came back for the ultrasound two weeks later. Even before they had the ultrasound, they shared they had decided they could not go through with the abortion. While doing the ultrasound it was determined they were most likely having a miscarriage and were referred to their Dr. for additional follow up. They left heavy hearted after a few tears were shed as this was not what anyone expected.

What an opportunity we had to love them and share Jesus Christ and the hope withing us! They could have gone to an abortion clinic and regretted terminating their child all the days of their lives. They could have found out else where they were having a miscarriage and not loved on the way they were at CHOICES!

Thank YOU for saying YES to partnering with us and YES to sharing the hope and love of Jesus. Speaking words of LIFE and sharing the hope within us changes the course of life and the untold story yet to unfold.



Site plans have been APPROVED and building plans were submitted on April 14th! Demolition will take place soon…STAND BY!


Stay tuned for our Grand Announcement of our 1st VIRTUAL Prayer WALK FOR LIFE held on May 2nd and what we have raised.